MISSION STATEMENT: The music is primarily for the troops to show support for and boost the morale of our military and our allies' military, the family members of the military and all of their supporters, throughout the world. Honoring those who have served before.

Warning: Some Salsa, or a lot of Salsa and others of the general genre contain/s suggestive lyrics, sensual themes, references, innuendo and double-entendres. If all of that doesn't scare you off and if you speak Spanish then click.  Otherwise, make your own choice.The rest of you can't understand what is being sung anyway so that it doesn't matter if you click or not.
In addition, this establishment cannot be held responsible for any bodily injuries caused by listening to this music, including but not limited to hearing loss, bruises, pulled or strained muscles, dislocated joints, broken bones, damaged furniture, loss of sanity, spousal abuse, strained relationships up to and including divorce or any other damages not specifically mentioned here! Listen at your own risk!

The best definition of Salsa I've ever heard:
"Salsa is Cuban music with a New York attitude." - Mr. Bobby Sanabria

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Individual Songs for today/tonight:

Artist/s - Song Names Buy
Al Dimieola - Ritmo De La Noche
Aldemar D - Peleas
Amor Amor
Andrea Bocelli - Amapola
Andy Montanez - Antes Que Tu
Angel Canales - Dos Gardenias
Angel Enrique Pardo Nunez - La Bayamesa
Antonio Banderas - Spanish Guitars
Ayer La Vi Llorar
Beny More - Como Fue
Besame Mucho
Campanitas De Cristal
Charlie Byrd - Caravan
Cheo Feliciano - Amada Mia
Chet Atkins & Tommy Emmanuel - Guitarra Concerto De Aranjuez
Classical Guitar - ( Chopin ) Caprice, Op 1 No 24
David Ray - Canta Cubana
El Cordobes
El Gato Montes
El Gran Combo - Falsaria
El Relicario
En El Mundo
Esteban - Runaway
Esteban - Spanish Eyes
Luis Miguel - Te Necesito
Luis Miguel - Al Que Me Siga
Oscar d'Leon - Longina
Ottmar Liebart - After the Rain
Ottmar Liebart - Barcelona Nights
Ottmar Liebart - Reaching Out To You ( Todos Bajo La Misma Luna )
Ottmar Liebart - Samba Pa' Ti
Ottmar Liebert - Barcelona Nights
Paco De Lucia - Besame Mucho
Paco De Lucia - Malaguena
Paco De Lucia - Tango Flamenco
Rodrigo ( Joaquin ) - Concierto De Aranjuez For Guitar 2nd Movement, Adagio
Rodrigo And Gabriela - 30 De Marzo
Rodrigo And Gabriela - Captain Casanova
Rodrigo And Gabriela - Diablo Rojo
Rodrigo And Gabriela - Diem
Rolando La Serie - Sabor A Mi
Suspiros De Espana

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