MISSION STATEMENT: The music is primarily for the troops to show support for and boost the morale of our military and our allies' military, the family members of the military and all of their supporters, throughout the world. Honoring those who have served before.

Warning: Some Salsa, or a lot of Salsa and others of the general genre contain/s suggestive lyrics, sensual themes, references, innuendo and double-entendres. If all of that doesn't scare you off and if you speak Spanish then click.  Otherwise, make your own choice.The rest of you can't understand what is being sung anyway so that it doesn't matter if you click or not.
In addition, this establishment cannot be held responsible for any bodily injuries caused by listening to this music, including but not limited to hearing loss, bruises, pulled or strained muscles, dislocated joints, broken bones, damaged furniture, loss of sanity, spousal abuse, strained relationships up to and including divorce or any other damages not specifically mentioned here! Listen at your own risk!

The best definition of Salsa I've ever heard:
"Salsa is Cuban music with a New York attitude." - Mr. Bobby Sanabria

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Individual Songs for today/tonight:

Artist/s - Song Names Buy
Croma Latina - Que Bueno
Croma Latina - Ran Kan Kan
Cromalatina - Medley Piu Che Puoi Mas Que Puedas
Cromo Latina - Vivir La Vida
Cuba Jazz Millenium All - Stars - Mania Tintin
Cubanismo - Descarga De Hoy
Cubanoson - A Bailar Con Cubanoson
Cubanoson - Rumba Nueva
DLG [ Dark Latin Groove ] - La Quiero A Morir
Daiquiri - Chamo Candela
Dany Brillant - On Verra Demain
Deddie Romero - Mambo
Deddie Romero - Quimbara
Diabloson - Yo Te Digo
Digi Underground - Antes
Digi Underground - Cuando Faltas Tu
Digi Underground - Meniando La Cola
Digi Underground - Quitemonos La Ropa
Dimension Latina - Lloraras
Domingo Ramos - Vamos Pa' La Encima
Donaldo Flores - Guajiro Natural
Donaldo Flores - Me Voy Pa Calimete
Donaldo Flores - Soneando Llegue
Eddie Palmieri - Solito
Eddie Palmieri And Brian Lynch - The Palmieri Effect
Edgar Daniel - Mentiras
Edwin Bonilla - La Rumba Esta Buena
Edwin Bonilla - Se Te Busco En El Baila
Edwin Bonilla - Si Tu No Viernas No Bialas
Edwin Bonilla - Son De Mi Tierra

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